Hungary introduced mandatory B2B real-time reporting

Hungary introduced mandatory B2B real-time reporting From today, July 1st, 2020, all transactions between VAT taxable persons (business-to-business) must be reported to Hungarian tax authorities in real-time. As announced at the beginning of this year, Hungary introduced mandatory real-time reporting for all transactions between business entities established in Hungary as a first step in the

Mexico to introduce VAT on digital services in June 2020

Mexico to introduce VAT on digital services in June 2020 As of 1st June 2020, Mexico will introduce VAT on Digital Services. This obligation will apply to all online services that serve Mexican customers, including global giants such as Amazon, or local giant Mercado Libre. What will be the subject of taxation? The taxable services

France to levy digital service tax as a first country after ...

Over the past months, France has shown keen intentions to introduce Digital Service Tax. French authorities created a framework, but due to some delays, Italy overtook them and became the first country that introduced a Digital Service Tax (DST). 

Italy introduced mandatory Digital Service Tax from January ...

As the first country in Europe, Italy introduced a Digital Service Tax (DST) from 1st January 2020. Digital Service Tax shall be calculated by applying the 3% rate to the amount of taxable revenues obtained by the taxable person during the calendar year.

France: Electronic invoicing as a first move to increase con...

France started introducing electronic invoice issuance and clearing via the tax authorities in January 2017. After four years, from 2020, all companies holding a public contract must transmit their invoices in the electronic form to their public sector customers (state, local authorities, public establishments, etc.). 

Greece delayed mandatory e-invoicing for all Greek entrepren...

According to the latest news from Greece, the introduction of mandatory e-invoicing will be delayed for now and not introduced before April 2020.

Portugal postponed the obligation to use certified invoicing...

According to the Ministerial Order 254/2019-XXI, the Portuguese Tax Authority has postponed the mandatory use of certified software for non-resident companies from 1 July 2019 to 1 January 2020.